Album Review: Vakili Band – Honey


With a voice and attitude that will undoubtedly and justifiably be compared to everyone from Patti Smith and Grace Slick to Jim Carroll, Lily Vakili still manage to be wildly unique on her band’s latest, Honey. The LP, the third for the Vakili Band, is a potent blend of pretention-free punk rock with just enough melody to be considered pop’s cooler, scary older sister. Across eight tracks, the band also dips deeply into blues and psych rock.

Vakili produced this one herself. “We set the bar for ourselves. It’s what I’ve worked for these last 10 years and the direction I wanted to go in. We’re taking responsibility for our sound and not leaving it to anyone else.”

The opening track, “Mapplethorpe,” is a bit muted sonically compared to what follows, but at least lyrically sets the table quite well. The band’s power is on full display on songs like the blues-soaked “Why Can’t You Say” and “Pyro Luv Attack” capping the album off with a strong finish. The only real downside to Honey is the feeling that it all ends too soon.

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