Album Review: Venom – “From The Very Depths”

From The Very Depths
(Spinefarm Records)

Venom’s From The Very Depths is a thrashing record that could have been released twenty or thirty years ago. From The Very Depths releases all the familiar dark poison of an angry Venom record. It’s stylish tongue-and-cheek Satanic speed metal made for headbanging. Taking a look at the lyrics one might perceive that this is the band’s nod to itself with references to previous song titles in the catalogue. It’s truly distorted pummeling guitar solos are as visceral and fun as ever. The anthem “Death of Rock & Roll” has the signature awesome-sauce riffage that one might expect from Venom, with lyrics like, “light up the Marshall stacks/ we’re killing Cape Creole with devestating thrash the death of rock & roll!”

The track “Smoke” is a slow crawl, but a behemoth. They don’t get heavier than “Smoke.” Cronos is a powerful precense behind the mic even at 51 years of age. The music gets a bit quicker on “Temptation.” The music is written simply, carefree, and maybe with a little bit of black magic potion.

The recording of the album sounds a bit modern, but with tracks like “Long Haired Punks” and “Evil Law” tearing it up like the old days I can forgive them. What Venom lacks in sophistication they more than make up for in their ability to write groovy riffs. From The Very Depths takes us back to the roots of metal. (Nicholas P)

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