Album Review: Vince Grant – “My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me”

Vince Grant
My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me

Vince Grant’s musical journey has been a long and difficult one, as he spent his first two summers after leaving his hometown of Chicago to come to L.A., and busking on Venice Beach, then he moved back and forth between New York and L.A. for years playing in various bands, gigging, touring, and even playing at SXSW. This all happened while working a series of dead end jobs until eventually drug and alcohol problems derailed him. Grant said, “Drugs, alcohol, depression, they took me out.” After a successful recovery, he has channeled his experiences into a new five song EP that is very personal and cathartic.

The five songs are acoustic, sung with so much emotion, and with the combination of the heartfelt lyrics, the EP just grabs you and pulls you in. With depression playing a huge part of my daily life for close to twenty five years now, plus a suicide in my family, this was a tough thing to get through, but not in an unpleasant way, just raw and gritty. This is just the right thing to make you feel that you are not alone, that there are people going through tough things in their life too, and can express how they feel without sounding like they are preaching to you. Every song has depth and makes you feel sad, but better to have listened to it because you know there can be better days ahead. The EP has the sound of U2’s better slower songs, but with real emotion, not the faux emotive singing of Bono.

An amazing release that speaks volumes in only five songs, songs of maturity and understanding that other long standing artists just wish that they could have. It sucks that depression has to be what caused this, but what a fantastic way to get through it and help others as well. (Rick Ecker)

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