Album Review: Vixen77 – Easy Access


Vixen77 are a quintet from Philly that seamlessly combine dirty rock ‘n’ roll with dirty street punk, creating a pounding album of classic songs. They are a band that is on point at every level. Easy Access is a lively ride of an album for a band that should start forcing people to immediately pay attention to them.

Vixen77 have a rock ‘n’ roll prowess that would make any garage band tip their caps with the speed and attitude of classic street punk. They do a good job of combining early CBGBs with the sunset strip. Their street punk style sounds like San Francisco in the ’90s (Swingin Utters, The Workin’ Stiffs). They meld this all together with the confidence of a band that knows they write killer songs.

The songwriting is crisp and to the point. Vixen77 don’t know the meaning of the word “filler,” as everything is to the point and meaningful. The verses set a groove in preparation of the sing-along chorus that is about to burst through the speakers. They hit each note hard and with fury. Their biggest strength is that everything is catchy. The playing is tight and talented. This is a band that gels in every form.

As top-notch quality as their original songs are, Vixen77 absolutely nailed the cover of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. It’s spot-on while not sounding like a complete knock-off. The coolest thing is that it fits right in with their originals. People would have no doubt believing that it’s an original if it wasn’t such a well-known song.

Vixen77 do their elders and their contemporaries proud. Their influences are apparent without carbon copying, and they bring a bold attitude. This is music to dance to, music to thrash to, music to sing along to.

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