Album Review: White Dog – Double Dog Dare


White Dog have released new album, Double Dog Dare, on April 5 via Rise Above. They’re a band from Austin, Texas who formed back in 2015. They re-emerged in 2021 with the assistance of Rise Above Records.

On this album, it’s very much obvious that they’ve tapped into their Texan roots. This is expressed vividly with all of the instruments that were utilized. It has a feel that someone would play it at a communal event in either a barn or a tavern. You can really tell right from the first few seconds of the opening track, “Holy Smokes,” as it enters into the realm through the use of the classic acoustic guitar.

The tracks all have a mixture of length, and it makes for a nice balance, for example, to have the one-minute track right before the seven-minute track. There’s a balance to the album, and it makes sense. Another thing I noticed is that this album has that Led Zeppelin feel to it, not just in a guitar sense but vocally as well.

There’s this one track that was shorter than most of the others titled “A Message From Our Sponsor;” it’s one minute in length, and it allows for listeners to see that they have a sense of humor and that they can have fun on an album, even one as eclectic as this.

I also felt that “Glenn’s Tune” is a nice listen, something that can be bopped along to quite easily. The guitars are very well used. To have a slow drum throughout the song or record definitely was a nice change of pace. In most rock, the drums are louder and way more overpowering when it comes to volume. I like to hear how there can be a balance of what’s heard the most.

This album brings back classic rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s not something that’ll ever go out of style. In more modern rock, there are a lot more electric based guitars, but sometimes going back to the classic acoustic is something that’s needed.

Get your copy of Double Dog Dare here.

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