Album Review: Wig Wam – Out Of The Dark


For decades now, the Norwegian metal scene has been synonymous with black metal, tales of church burnings, and the occasional murder of a band mate. But sensational headlines and corpse paint aside, it also happens to be the home turf of Wig Wam, one of the best glam metal bands still proudly playing in that genre.

On Out Of The Dark, the band’s latest, they are still churning out melodic metal with powerful guitars, soaring vocals, and sharp hooks. The record is their second since coming back from a five-year break and the first since they were thrust into a much larger spotlight, when their 2010 song “Do Ya Wanna Taste It” was used as the opening theme for the HBO Max John Cena-led superhero series Peacemaker.

Songs like “High N Dry” and “Ghosting You” have that same playful, cocky swagger with tongue planted firmly in check as the lyrics are dolled out. While you can’t exactly smell the aqua net on these songs, the band certainly pays homage to many of the ’80s hair metal pioneers, but this time they’re in on the joke with the over the top lyrics.

Other times, on songs like the title track and “Forevermore,” with the more muscular guitars and glass shattering vocals, the band are tapping into influences from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, channeling bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Wig Wam have managed to tap into the nostalgia for glam metal, amping up the humor while stripping away the cringe factor normally associated with the genre. The result may not be high art, but makes for a fun, entertaining listen regardless.

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