Album Review: Winchester Revival – “Burden’s Landing”

Winchester Revival
Burden’s Landing

Winchester Revival are an indie rock band from Oakland, California, and on their new EP, the band mixes influences ranging from shoegaze to post-punk with skill and hooks. With six songs to display their abilities, they do an admirable job of hooking the listener in.

The first two songs on the EP, “Last Night In Tokyo” and “Ides Of January,” have massive, sweeping choruses, fuzzy guitars, and have a great indie / post punk feel to them. “Diligence” has swirling guitar work that is breathtaking. “Keep It Together” is a great song that is the set’s most experimental track with ambient sounds and lots of vocal effects to make it trippy, but really cool. “Salamander” is a more straightforward song, a bit mellow, and has a great build up that carries you away. Closing out the EP, is the fast paced “Ice Water” which has a sturdy backbeat that propels the song, while singer David Rosenheim soars over distorted and textured guitars.

You can hear the talent that these guys have on display throughout this EP, as well as the raw emotion that they put forward. I’m looking forward to what an entire album will sound like after they’ve toured this and had a chance to grow a bit more. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Burden’s Landing here.

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