Album Review: Youth Funeral – “See You When I See You”

Youth Funeral
See You When I See You
(Twelve Gauge Records)

Depending on how you look at Youth Funeral, you could call them hardcore, metal, or even grind; their formula is overflowing with emotionally charged pain broken up by moments of serenely haunting interludes. The opening track to their latest EP, See You When I See You, is probably the noisiest song of the bunch; “Vultures” kicks in immediately, and explodes out from the stereos loud enough to cause distortion. It’s also the most straight forward track, but don’t let that confuse you; the one that follows, “Confidante”, is the most well-rounded creation of the EP, introducing the band’s ability to slow things down with impressive (and sometimes technical) melody amongst the chaos. “I Remember” feels like the perfect track to fall in the center of everything, as it’s memorable in a simple, yet powerful way, and seamlessly bridges the space between the spotlight “Confidante” and assault-like “When It Pours”. The final two tracks – “Weak But Warm” and “See You When I See You” – are quick, atomic, and hard-hitting.

Though See You When I See You comes in at less than 11 minutes, its shows off a surprisingly broad range in sound for Youth Funeral. It’s an album that can be dissected again and again without losing steam, and it features more emotion than most bands can adequately wield in their music these days. So count Youth Funeral as a win. (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase See You When I See You here: Bandcamp | Physical

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