Album Review: Death Dealer Union – Initiation


Death Dealer Union will be releasing their new album “Initiation” tomorrow (September 22) and it offers a diverse mashup of modern and traditional heavy metal.

The record kicks off with the instrumental title track, which sets the tone for the album, before knocking you for a loop with “The Vow Of Silence,” which is equal parts aggressive and melodic with an infectious chorus. This vibe continues to ratchet up as “Ill Fated” breaks in with a classic metal approach that is accentuated by powerful vocals courtesy of Lena Scissorhands (also of Infected Rain).

After “Ill Fated,” “Ekphrasis” takes fans on a power metal journey that extends into the mesmerizing stylings of “The Integument.” From there, “Mythos” brings in some 90’s-influenced guitars to further expand upon the band’s sound, while still retaining the vibe of the previous tracks.

Soon things continue to rise to new heights through the epic nature of “The Big Blue” and “Back To Me.” The latter is especially killer with its harmonious display of groove and melody. And just when you think you’ve reached the apex, “The Downfall” brings in an atmosphere that draws from neo-classical and contemporary sources alike.

As one moves closer to the end of the album, the band showcase their ballady side on “Love Me When I’m Ugly,” which tugs at the heart strings, before “Anew” brings some progressive components to the band’s monumental soundscape. As if that wasn’t enough, the group then go into full-on cinematic mode with “Beyond Heaven,” which brings everything to a close in a grand fashion.

All in all, “Initiation” is an incredible introduction to a band that are sure to continue making strides within the metal world. Fans can still pre-order the album HERE.

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