EP Review: Decent Criminal – There’s More To It Than Climbing


Following up on Bliss from 2019, Decent Criminal is back with There’s More To It Than Climbing. Since the band’s beginning, Decent Criminal hasn’t shied away from trying new sounds as they continue to grow as musicians.

Starting with “Driving,” the song serves us a slow start before dropping a hard beat with the drums. Next, “Soothe” takes a turn for the more pop-punk sound, which isn’t hard as they keep the drums hard and solid throughout the song. It delivers the catchiest bridge that they’ve ever given. Remember Sublime? Well, “Same” is one of my favorite songs on the album. The song provides another side of the band with a Sublime sound. But Tristian Martinez’s vocals make the song one of the standouts on the album.

“You Dog” is one of the more vulnerable songs on the album. The music brings in the heartbreaking lyrics, “There you go, making promises like you’re someone new,” with Paige’s vocals behind Tristians’. This song gives me goosebumps each time, from the first string on the guitar to Martinez’s haunting vocals displayed throughout the song. “Hold Me Down” closes the album and slows down the pace. It’s a beautiful love song. 

This album dabbles in a lot, pop-punk, a more laid-back attitude to experimental rock, grunge, and finding a sound that they are comfortable in. Bliss felt the beginning of a new sound, but There’s More To It Than Climbing brings it home from start to finish. Lyrically and vocally, Tristian Martinez has upped his game, and I’m impressed. Again, Bliss was good, but There’s More To It Than Climbing has to be their best and most intriguing album. They take some huge risks, and while it works – what captures my attention is how well thought out the track list is, it’s consistent, and there’s a natural flow from song to song. So, if you like pop-punk, grunge, or maybe even looking for something new, this album is worth checking out. 

You can buy the album here.

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