Album Review: DOOMBOYZ- Evil Riffs from Los Angelos

Los Angeles, California-based metal outfit DOOMBOYZ have signed with Regime Music Group and released their latest album Evil Riffs from Los Angelos. The album was recorded at the Foo Fighters’ coveted Studio 606 where it was engineered, mixed & mastered by Robert Adam Stevenson (Queens Of The Stone Age, Jane’s Addiction, Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp).

The album delves into a visceral climb capturing darker grunge reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s musicians.  Frontman Amit Gilad delivers a stellar performance with those haunting vocals encapsulating the energy of Cornell and Stanley.

Gilad expressed about the first track; “Lysergic Solution” is a hard-driving desert/stoner rock piece. The lyrics tell the true story of an LSD-fueled adventure I experienced with friends. We made a pilgrimage to see P-Funk at an Indian casino in the Palm Desert. The events that followed were truly stranger than fiction.”

The following track, “The Reaper,” is a literal stoner rock tale, flows straight into the cut of it. The story of death and what happens when we find it.

“The Gift” and “Dick Taker” both synthesize melodic and grungy riffs. “Milos Journey” is an eloquent track purely instrumental in nature, tapping into another side of themselves.

“Out for Blood” kicks off hard but then dives into a softer vocal lead, then blends right into the instrumentals with darker ranges, purely hypnotic vocals.

It ends with the heavy “Forsaken Sons” echoing metal riffs with a mastered flow. The album has very intricate components, music rarely visualized and felt.

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Photo Credit: Brooke Heatley

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