EP Review: Greywind – Antidote


After a six-year hiatus, the Irish pop punk duo Greywind are back with their new EP Antidote. Consisting of brother and sister Paul and Steph O’Sullivan, Greywind are creating catchy hooks, semi-sweet instrumentals, and brooding lyrics that are searching for better days on the new EP. Antidote is Greywind’s comeback soundtrack, pushing past their turbulent few years away from making music, and showing what they’re made of. They’re back and better than ever.

According to Paul, “this EP is about surviving your darkest moments,” and Greywind does a great job of showing that. Each track on Antidote seems like a stage of grief. Lyrics are biting and honest, yet catchy, and Steph O’Sullivan’s vocal performance shows the anger and frustration that lace each song. The tonal change on each track is that added layer of art. Every track has a different feel to it. “Swing and Sway,” the opener, begins more mellow. The instrumentals are brighter, and the vocals seem happier while it slowly chugs along. Other tracks like “Deathwish” have a darker tone, providing more riff heavy sections that seem to have a black cloud over them and lyrics that are looking for a way out of a deep, dark hole.

In terms of production, Antidote is crisp and clean. It is more pop-forward in delivery, having the punk take the back seat. The instrumentals are fun and catchy, yet they’re pretty straightforward. There is little variation in the songs which unfortunately make some parts forgettable. However, the choruses are explosive, providing sections for singalongs and a bigger feel to the instrumentals. I imagine this translates well to live performances with a sea of people screaming their lungs out. Greywind’s choruses are mini anthems, and I am here for it.

Greywind did a hell of a job on Antidote. It’s a fun, quick listen that has a ton of heart behind it. The tonal shifts on the ep make for a more interesting listen and helps get their story across. Every track has fun instrumentals, and some of these songs will find their way onto your summer playlist this year. I’m really looking forward to what Greywind puts out next, and you should do yourself a favor and listen to the new ep.

Go check out Antidote when it drops on March 15, via Version III and be sure to check out Greywind on tour this spring!

Check out Antidote here.

Photo: Josiah Van Dien

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