EP Review: Wolfbrigade- Anti-Tank Dogs


Legendary Swedish hardcore heroes Wolfbrigade have returned with a new EP, Anti-Tank Dogs, from Armageddon Label and Agripunk on August 12. This EP will be released as a limited edition seven-inch on either red or green vinyl, limited to 325 of each.

Since 1995, Wolfbrigade have been a force in the global hardcore community. Guitarists Erik Norberg and  Jocke Rydbjer, bassist Johan Erken, drummer Tommy Storback, and vocalist Micke Dahl have partnered with producer Magnus Lindberg for this seven-inch.

The title track kicks off with a fade-in to feedback complete with swelling drums. A chainsaw-like guitar tone with hints of death metal and D-beat hardcore attack our ears. The riffs in this song are classic Swedish death metal- Entombed and At The Gates especially. Micke’s voice is coarse and his words hit like artillery. This track is a blend of crustpunk, black metal, and traditional hardcore and shows Wolfbrigade have not lost their edge.

“Brainruler” is aggressive song from the start, with a thrashy hardcore riff similar to Sick of it All. The rhythm section of Johan and Tommy shine on this track with their breakdown and upbeat steady drums. It’s catchy too, with a chorus of, “Brain…RUUUUUUULER.”

“Necronomion” begins with an ominous fade- in providing ambiance. After some feedback from Norberg’s and Rydjber’s guitars, a cutting riff is guaranteed to make your head bang. Micke’s voice is channeling Lemmy gruffness and their guitar solo is nestled well in the center. 

Even though Anti-Tank Dogs is only three songs, they form a mighty EP. Several genres are hit, including D-beat, thrash, war metal, black metal, crustpunk, and more. Wolfbrigade are still vicious after all this time, and they have not lost the wolf’s bite.

Buy Anti-Tank Dogs here. (U.S.)

Buy Anti-Tank Dogs here. (Global)

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