Album Review: Gentlemen Rogues – ‘Surface Noise’

Austin, Texas’ verifiable band, fueled for the present and future, Gentlemen Rogues have proven their gusto since their plunge into this industry in 2011. Known throughout the world, their clever visions carried on the true-to-the-bone, saturated with pop-punk performances. Gentlemen Rogues are no doubt with stamina, but also with this new album Surface Noise have returned with extreme momentum. Coming out of the COVID era, this album inspired Gentlemen Rogues members Danny Dunlap (guitar, vocals), John Christoffel (guitar), Dave Hawkins (bass, vocals), Josh Power (drums) to bring it every time, not holding back, ever. This is their time, and nothing is standing in their way.
This full-length album Surface Noise was carefully created and co-released by Double Helix Records
and Shifting Sounds. This epic album has an edged fine jagged sound guitar pop with that rock ‘n’ roll rhythm, telling a story of life and everything in the middle. “Do the Resurrection” has this dark edgy under a bridge and in their own domain, filmed and directed by Daniel Fried. The music is infused with inspiration from Jawbreaker, The Smiths, and others with this British / American punk flare.

“The Stars don’t align. True Love is a lie.
Be as it may, you pump blood into my veins. Uh huh.
Definitely many can resonate, sometimes things are not good for us, but we engage anyways. Second song “Involuntary Solitary” is a catchy song with fast rhythmic melodic lyrics. “All out Crush” is a super-fast dance song about a memory of someone that we fell for, and that is the hardest part. “Never The Bride” has a beautiful rock and roll vibe, bittersweet and rebellious. ” Days in the Dayroom” take us into an almost nostalgic sound with smooth vocals. All the songs on this album will leave you breathless wanting more every time. Go check out their video with fantastic cinematography as the music goes hand in hand with such creativity.

Surface Noise track list:
  1. Do the Resurrection!
  2. Involuntary Solitary
  3. All Out Crush
  4. Never the Bride
  5. Days in the Dayroom
  6. Moonstruck
  7. Francy
  8. Troubled Troubadour
  9. Half Empty, Half Fool
  10. 60’s Damage

Photo courtesy of Gentlemen Rogues 

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