Album Review: Abhorrence – Megalohydrothalassophobic

It honestly shouldn’t matter about a band’s supposed “legendary” status, especially if such accolades amount to a single demo and EP recorded in 1990/1991, respectively. Does their new material deliver?

With four out of five of the original lineup being involved, does it sound vital and worthy of all the hype, or does it simply stagnate, content to do nothing but lay there
and rake in the cash due to the aforementioned “importance” of shit that happened, when most of what’s sure to be its current fanbase wasn’t even born yet?

Hoping for the former, we have before us Finland’s Abhorrence, with their first new material since their self-titled EP from 1991,  Megalohydrothalassophobic. All I know is, if it takes me longer to say the name of a release than listen to it, every single note, every growl, every drumbeat, had best be on point.

After an intro just as pointless as the majority of all intros ever, “Anthem For The Anthropocene” both wakes me up and recovers nicely enough, with rumbling riffwork and mid-paced rhythms the order of the day. The foot hits the floor for the first time with the speed-fueled “The Four Billion Year Dream,” showing that time hasn’t diluted what the quintet is capable of when they try, a nice, fluid bridge, and an excellent lead-in to this EP’s diamond in the coal, “Hyperobject Beneath The Waves.” This rollicking, ocean-tossed and cerulean number demands to be heard, and warrants no other description.

Abhorrence may have been vital to the formation of what would become Scandinavian death metal, and Megalohydrothalassophobic may have its shrug-worthy moments but, most importantly, it shows that this old guard of rotters earned and still has its place in death metal history. Possibly in tomorrow as well? See you in another 20 or more years, guy.

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