Album Review: Acid Dad – Self-Titled

Acid Dad is an alt-punk band out of New York, who released their debut EP in 2016 to critical appraise. Similar in styles to King Gizzard mixed with Nirvana, Acid Dad employ hazy melodic strings with jangly and intriguing vocals. With their self-titled debut album, Acid Dad deliver a few really fun songs and a signature style to remember.

Acid Dad has a range that goes from soft to mosh worthy or psychedelic to traditional, sometimes all within the same song. The lead single to the album, “2Ci”, lays down fun vocals and grungy melodic chords. “Marine” is similarly fun and supplied tasty licks that ride an uneven line between smooth and rugged. “Come Outside” employs engaging lyrics, and on “Mistress” we hear the band’s signature mosh style percussion and vocal cadence.

Acid Dad has it’s softer and drowsier moments as well. “Die Hard” starts sad and soft, before embedding slick and rebellious riffs and catchy “dust to dust” refrains. “No Answer” starts soft as well, before undergoing a really nice and climactic build up. Were treated to pleasing strings and vocals on “Mow My Lawn”, and then the filtered, careless vocals and fun strings on “Mr. Major” make for a great and super rocking ending.

Overall, Acid Dad hits several high points across their eponymous debut album, and come just a few elements short of unlocking that perfect score. “2Ci” makes for our favorite song on Acid Dad, and we can’t wait to see that and the rest of the album live when the band goes on tour this Summer.

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