Album Review: The Amsterdam Red Light District – Sapere Aude

If you need some new heavy jams, look no further than the new record from The Amsterdam Red Light District, Sapere Aude. “We’ll be there until the end!” the vocalist belts out on the second track of the record, and that line sums up the band’s modus operandi quite well. The band feels committed to capturing a certain mood with their work – one of determined, passionate energy. The screamed vocals on the album are largely of the hyper-energetic “hardcore” style, and the music does not really ever let up. Concurrent to these features of the record, the clean vocals serve to tie the whole production together strikingly. They’re solid and don’t leave you wanting more, not at all detracting from the power of the heavy instrumentals.

There’s not really any reason for a fan of hardcore, heavy music to not jump right into the new record from the guys in The Amsterdam Red Light District. The energy in the album carries over beyond the vocals, with boisterous instrumentation that keeps up an almost frantic pace while remaining highly accessible. The album flows from melodic idea into melodic idea, giving a solid presentation of hardcore energy that makes you want to get on your feet. There is not really a feeling here of the band being unsure about what they’re doing or having to mull over what to do next as they move forward through the album. They press on through the work, carrying on with their wild and engaging expression of what heavy music can be.

To be a bit philosophical, music, at its core, is a fundamentally personal endeavor. It’s about adding color to and making sense of our time here – and having fun doing it. That’s where the new album from The Amsterdam Red Light District. Albums that provide someone somewhere out there with a good time have served their purpose and don’t need to shoot to the top of the charts to mean something. Sapere Aude is a good confirmation of this, as yet another gem hidden away and waiting for music fans to find. Some basic human emotions – like anger at injustice – never change and will always remain relatable.

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