Album Review: The Bombpops – Dear Beer

This release by Los Angeles’ own The Bombpops, is perfect for driving around on a sunny day. However, for me, their four-song EP, Dear Beer, simply does not have enough going on. I leaned heavily on this brand of Fat Wreck goodness throughout the 90s, but as I get older, I yearn for something more from the music I spend time with. Now, there’s nothing offensively bad about this EP; the production is slick, the performances are there, and the songs are serviceable. Perhaps that’s the problem, though – there is an unremarkable quality that unfortunately doesn’t go away on repeated listens, due mostly to the songs being structured in roughly the same manner. At the same time, I can see how this would be right up someone’s alley, as I previously stated: that person used to be me.

The EP opens up with the title track, which is about drinking by yourself and hating your friends. The “I can’t even” of songs. Catchy, yes, but relatively flat. Now, the bright spot here is “Polluted Skies,” which has a memorable, hook-driven chorus and choppy verses that had me bouncing along. It reminded me of The Unlovables and the Josie & the Pussycats Soundtrack. I could hear how much thought and effort went into crafting each one of its pieces. “Turn Up the Thermostat” is a good “you won’t get the best of me” tune. “I Call Bullshit” rounds out the cast with the best bass line on the release. I’m talking some serious Karl Alvarez channeling here during the verses. On the flipside, though, the “whoa-oh-oh” vocal hook on this song doesn’t work for me in a big way.

If you find yourself regularly spinning the bands I mentioned above, or bands like Fenix TX, then Dear Beer by The Bombpops you will no doubt enjoy. In fact, even though I’m lukewarm about it, I think a lot of people will dig this.

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