Album Review: Booze & Glory – Chapter IV

Booze & Glory
Chapter IV
(Burning Heart Records)

I have a confession to make: I’ve been avoiding checking out Booze & Glory. It’s nothing personal, but due to the hype that already exists around the band, I just wanted them to be as great as everyone says they are.

“Oh dude,” my crusty friend Twitch said, “You’re reviewing their new record? It’s killer!” Yeah yeah yeah, that’s what they all say, buddy. But in hindsight (which is almost always 20/20), Twitch was right in his own, simple way. After putting this release on repeat for about a month or so, Chapter IV is actually everything it’s cracked up to be. Without all the annoying bells and whistles that can pop up in a punk record, this one sticks to its guns and plays by the rules. But that doesn’t make it boring in the least.

One thing that is distinct about this album is how it sounds like it was written specifically to be played in a live setting. The guitar work is so clean and jovial, and the gang vocals in the choruses can be explosive. “The Time Is Now” is an absolutely beautiful track (with some minor pop melodies) and I would pay a significant amount of money to hear it live. “Days, Months, Years” begins with a lovely piano piece reminiscent of the instrumental played before “Crack City Rockers” by Leftover Crack, before it evolves into an addictively fun guitar lick. The lyrics in this song are so simple and easy to sing along with and it’s yet another track that begs to be played live to a jumping, boisterous crowd.

“Blood From A Stone” is another strong track here – everything about it is loud. The guitars, the vocals, the drums. It’s all what it’s supposed to be; a solid punk rock song. The dual vocals in the next verse are dense and dynamic and this was the song that really drew me into Booze & Glory. This is where they show off their melodic tendencies and run with them.

Booze & Glory is worth the hype they’re given. I would even argue that if you miss them play when they’re in your town, you’re messing up big time. If Chapter IV is anything to go by, this is the time to see the band.

Purchase the album here: Europe | North America | iTunes

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