Album Review: Booze & Glory – The Reggae Sessions Vol. 1

The connection between Reggae and Punk has always been a tight one. From The Clash to Bad Brains, it’s hard to find a decent punk band that didn’t play a ton of Toots & The Maytals and Jimmy Cliff albums in the band van driving from one show to the next. It seems only natural then that the guys in Booze & Glory – a fantastic British street punk band that sound like they could have come out four decades ago – have borrowed from Jamaica’s finest for their latest set of 7” singles.

Spread across three separate 45s, the band dubbed this collection, naturally, The Reggae Sessions, Vol. 1. Starting with a mellowed version of the band’s anathematic 2012 single “London Skinhead Crew,” they come off sounding remarkably impressive as a Reggae band. The same can be said for the organ-drenched “Only Fools Get Caught” and “Leave the Kids Alone,” both original off As Bold As Brass.

It’s easy to come off sounding like a goof when a band dives into a genre seemingly this different from their own, but with The Reggae Sessions, Booze & Glory prove to be genuine fans of the music. As a result, there is an infectiousness to these songs. Even if you don’t know your Desmond Decker from your Derrick Morgan, this series is worth listening to. And we can only hope this is the first in a series of soon-to-be-released sessions from the band.

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