Album Review: Danko Jones – ‘Wild Cat’

Danko Jones
Wild Cat
(AFM Records)

It’s really a bit of a mystery, to me at least, why Danko Jones, the man and the band, isn’t as popular in North America as he is elsewhere. For about 20 years, he was been playing adrenaline soaked rock n roll, that cherry picks the best parts of hard rock and punk, trims off the fat and turns each song into lean and mean rocking machine. His music is exciting and full of attitude. It’s also quite catchy.

He even got the blessing of freaking Motorhead mainman Lemmy Kilmister before he shuffled off this mortal coil.

Honestly, what more do you want?

On his new album Wild Cat, the man and the band, get down to doing what they do best and that’s rocking your ass thoroughly.

Opening song “I Gotta Rock” sums up his philosophy in its title. And for the duration of this album that is exactly what they do. “Do This Every Night” shows his dedication to the rock n roll lifestyle. He’s in it for life. Just give him a stage and he’ll burn it down. “Going Out Tonight” is the ultimate looking-for-trouble-in-the-best-kind-of-way song. It even throws in a few catchy “whoah-oh-oh” singalong parts to it. “Let’s Start Dancing” is a speedy burner about getting your groove on.

But let’s not forget about the ladies. Where other artists might come as lame or sexist, his songs celebrate the bad ass rocker woman in all her glory. On this record, you have “My Little Rock N Roll”, “You Are My Woman”, “Diamond Lady”, and the title track. He has a knack for being sexy without being sexist. He just loves the bad ass women in his life. This is made evident on the closing track “Revolution (Then We Make Love)”, which espouses the type of sentiment that would gain the approval of the MC5.

Wild Cat has everything you could possibly want in a hard rock album. It’s got killer riffs, tons of energy, attitude to spare and is as catchy as the proverbial common cold. Don’t miss out this time.

Purchase the album here.

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