Album Review: Dayseeker – Dreaming Is Sinking // Waking Is Rising

Dreaming Is Sinking // Waking Is Rising
(Spinefarm Records)

With every passing release, Dayseeker has perfected their craft ever further. On their third outing, Dreaming Is Sinking // Waking Is Rising (to be referenced as DIS//WIS from this point forth), the band is once again showing us their deep levels of impressive skill. It seems that Dayseeker somehow still has more to prove, despite having started off excellent right from their label debut. If the single “Vultures” isn’t enough to get your body swinging wildly (though it most definitely should – the track is a fucking beast), don’t fret; DIS//WIS brings one song of brilliance after another. “Cold, Dark Winter” is moved by its passionate chorus (a common element throughout the record), “Six Feet Under” is haunting and powerful, “Counterpart” is soothing and beautiful, and “Waking Is Rising” (essentially, the title track) brings it all together in a large finale that is every bit as memorable and impacting as “Vultures.” If you thought Dayseeker couldn’t get even better than their sophomore release, Origin, the band aims to prove you wrong with this one. DIS//WIS is potential recognized and unleashed tenfold. Other artists of the genre should take note here. Many, many notes, that is.

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