Album Review: Death Alley – Live At Roadburn

Death Alley
Live At Roadburn
(Tee Pee)

Death Alley made quite a splash with their Black Magick Boogieland album two years ago. The Dutch band offered souped-up proto-metal that contained hints of psychedelia and proto-punk. It rocked furiously and really got the blood pumping. Now they’re back, with an EP of their performance from the esteemed Roadburn Festival in Holland from 2016.

It rocks mightily, while opening up their sound to more psychedelic influences.

The EP opens with a raucous cover of The Devil’s Blood’s (DA guitarist Oeds Beydal was a member) song, “It’s On”, which kicks out the jams in a massive way. From there, they play a moody and trippy instrumental “666666”, which showcases another side of the band. New song “Feeding The Lions” is amped-up psychedelic boogie. Closer “Supernatural Predator” lengthens the original track’s running time by about six minutes, and blasts the song off into deep space, indulging in some way out psychedelic jamming.

Live At Roadburn is an excellent snapshot of a killer live band doing what they do best: ripping it up. It will satisfy your need for primal hard rock jams and get you ready for their next album, which hopefully will be coming out soon. Don’t make us wait.

Purchase the album here.

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