Album Review: Family In Mourning – Eulogy

Featuring Lydia Lunch, an early No Wave pioneer and purveyor of all things noisey and anti-commercial, this debut LP is literally labeled as songs for the deceased or those in mourning by members who refer to themselves as a funeral collective (rumor has it an undertaker, funeral director and psychic advisor make up the band, and Lynch is an ordained reverend of the Universal Life Church).

With that said, this isn’t the most uplifting album, obviously, but spawns very eclectic, morbid creativity. While some songs are merely interludes of bells or broken glass, others are fuller folk songs with dual gender vocals and saxophones, flutes or organs. Even sparse songs like the piano and subtle strings of “Soon I’ll Be Gone” emit plenty of dark beauty, while the ambient jazz of “Last Time We Met” is a dizzying display of well controlled chaos. Though no 2 songs here resemble each other, all possess a poetic touch, are reflective and with attention to mood, and Lunch’s iconoclastic spin and cryptic tendencies ensure you won’t find a listen like this anywhere else.

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