Album Review: Foreseen – Grave Danger

Grave Danger
(20 Buck Spin)

When Helsinki Savagery dropped, hardcore fans were floored by these young hardcore kids from Finland known as Foreseen. The band infused heavy thrash in their hardcore sound and astounded fans with their unique flavor. 20 Buck Spin is the same label as doom metal/Decibel #1 AOTY winners, Khemmis and Pallbearer. 20 Buck Spin’s faith in Foreseen only shows the draw and fury of these Helsinki titans. Now, three years later, Grave Danger, comes, fiercer and darker.

I think of Foreseen in the realm of Oi!-influenced hardcore; but really they are thrash. The thrash is really strong. Although the rhythms which lay their foundation are hardcore punk. Heavier and angrier than Iron Reagan and harder than Municipal Waste; you have to think more underground: Freedom, Fury, Red Death, Mind Eraser/Rival Mob. This is thick heavy thrash, not with the clean, crisp delivery for which thrash is known. But all of this nit picking is futile and a bit silly. Who gives a shit about the hyphenated genre?!? The obvious fact is that this is hardcore kids playing this type of music. That attitude and spirit (and musical influence) shines through. This is young kids having fun and playing vicious hardcore crossover with sincerity and skill. A slight groove peeks out during the bridge but mostly the song is chaotic fury pushing and punishing.

Grave Danger‘s cover is a looming cross headstone amid a grey dark plateau; ominous, foreboding. That treacherousness sets the tone before the needle even drops on track one. Onerous atmosphere amps up the audience in anticipation of the thunder about to drop. “Violent Discipline” opens the album. The basis of this tune is chaotic blistering; with a bridge or two of a mid-tempo groove. The music evokes the scenery of a melee pit. Track two, “Chemical Heritage”, blasts forward with a bass line, recoils for a moment. Grave Danger continues to amaze and daze with each track. These eight tracks never lapse or hesitate.

Track titles include “Fearmonger”, “Government Cuts”, “Suicide Bomber” allow you to see that Foreseen are not churning up rehashed thrash themes of the 80s. Relevant troubles of our current society are prevalent. Foreseen’s urgency and rage are palatable, moving hurriedly. Smoking guitar leads guide us through the middle of the track, blessed with a few dive bombs and all. Punishing sincerity with pure indignation.

Foreseen is on an East Coast USA tour as I write this, having ravaged the weekend in Boston last weekend (with Burden, Peacebreakers, Legion 76, Hammer & The Nails /Aggression Pact, Boston Strangler, Fit For Abuse, Shipwrecked, Battle Ruins, Templars). They continue until they end their 3 days in Texas, May 5-7.

RIYL: Red Death, Power Trip, Mammoth Grinder, Leeway (has a groove), Take Offense, Cross Me, Primal Rite, Crumbsuckers

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