Album Review: Foul Body Autopsy – This Machine Kills Zombies

Foul Body Autopsy. Wanna know why I reviewed this record?  Truthfully, I’ve never heard of this band till now. It was the name that got me.  Loved it. Foul Body Autopsy is a one man wrecking machine formed in 2010, and no, it, or rather Tom Reynolds, isn’t death metal.  Well not completely, anyway.  This Machine Kills Zombies is tight, killer thrash with elements of death mixed in.  And the songs are razor sharp, like a jagged piece of barbed wire wrapped around a neck.

This Machine Kills Zombies is eight songs of intense, zombie splatter-mayhem, conceptually created, addressing various humanistic themes like biological warfare, disease and the ultimate demise of the human condition. Come on, lighten up, it’s a zombie apocalypse for god’s sake, right? Or maybe there is no god after all; maybe we, as man, killed god when we tried taking over his role, or so the story goes.

The musicianship on this record is superb, you’d never know it was a one man show unless you knew Tom Reynold’s back story, similar to that of death metal’s Putrid Pile, another one man band. And I’m normally against drum programming but again, unless you know the drums on this record are electronic, they won’t even phase you, they’re that damn good.

Track two, “The Unquiet Dead” brings forth the marauding zombie horde.  Track three, “Outbreak,” addresses the antibiotic, resistant disease carried by them.  Track four “Chaos Reigns” describes the anarchic, chaotic place the world has become. The story continues with “Obliterate All Life,” the war waged by the survivors against the zombie plague with “Total War,” and the eventual downfall of humanity with “Circling the Drain” and last track, “Putrified Ready to Reclaim.”  It’s a bleak record for sure but Reynolds is flat out amazing regarding how he brought this project together, the overall tone of this record, and the ferocity of the music itself.

When I say one man band, I’m not kidding. Vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming – Tom. Produced and Engineered – again, Tom Reynolds.  Mixed and mastered? Yep, you guessed it.  Reynolds.  It’s a real risk doing it all yourself. If it succeeds you get the hails,  if it flops you look bad. Happy to say this project is great and needs to be heard and experienced. I dig this record on two levels.  First, the music.  State of the art thrash, heavy as hell death metal. Second is the sheer effort that went into this. It doesn’t go unnoticed. This Machine Kills Zombies is definitely worth your attention. Guaranteed to melt a face or two.

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