Album Review: Harker – No Discordance

For a British band, the guys in Brighton’s Harker have a pretty intense love for American music. You can hear everyone from The Bouncing Souls and Dinosaur Jr. to Jimmy Eats World and The Gaslight Anthem on No Discordance, their debut full length. And while there’s no denying the inspirations are all over this LP, the band has injected enough originality into the offerings that they still come off as uniquely Harker.

The band started out as an acoustic project about four years ago, but their evolution to louder, fuzzy guitars was clearly the right move as that’s where a lot of the appeal of these new songs comes from. Tight power chords and a knack for melodies is helping Harker stay above the fray.

While the band comes close to sounding a bit redundant on a few tracks here and there, they more than make up for it with songs like the powerful “Nancy Downs,” or the instantly impressive “Lower Grounds.”

Harker already has three decent EPs to its name, but it took this full length to finally payoff on the promise of those earlier efforts. No Discordance catches a band that is likely heading into an impressive run.

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