Album Review: HereComeHere – Chernobyl


HereComeHere are a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio and their new, sophomore record Chernobyl is a definite listen-to for fans of Three Days Grace, Incubus and Chevelle. Packed with clean vocals and layered guitar tones not far from rock bands you’d find on the radio, the record is well-produced.

The record starts off with a mixed intro track of piano and spoken word while the second song is a musical track. Reminiscent of a Deftones track, “Adjust Your Eyes At The Chameleon” is the best song on Chernobyl, full of chuggy rock breaks, silvery vocals coupled with metal hooks. Other stand alone tracks like “I Don’t Get It” and “Hapless” hold catchy melodies, rock chords and light synth to amplify the verses.

Chernobyl holds transitional tracks, yet they contrast the songs they’re leading into like “Lights Camera Action” into “Crybaby.” The later and “Decay and Delay” might be a bit confusing as they include rap bars, Linkin Park and early Incubus come to mind as the record progresses into the outro. As a whole, Chernobyl holds possible Deftones idolization, which isn’t a bad thing. An album for fans of the hard rock genre and the record White Pony, HereComeHere are right up your alley.

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