Album Review: Heruin – Addict EP

Heavy-hitting djent/metalcore band Heruin have released their EP entitled Addict. The EP can best be described as bold, in your face, and unapologetically angry.

The heavy hitting instrumentation, coupled with the unrelenting vocal onslaught, is something that should grab the eardrums of listeners of heavy music as this album plays into everything you should expect from a djent-style release.

The message from the EP is clear within the title itself, and although the message may be simple, the way it’s delivered is clear and powerful. With each song you seem to explore just how addiction can branch out and infect different parts of one’s life.

With tracks such as “Love” and “Issue,” listeners are given a clear indication to what this EP sets out to do as the waves of heaviness pound the message into the mind of the audience. We really get a taste of the actual “issue” the EP is talking about, all while feeling that in some way this was written for very personal reasons. It’s this personal feeling that will be the biggest draw for this EP, and Heruin shouldn’t give up that on their personal touch. 

If you’re a fan of the genre, then this is an EP that I would recommend to any frequent listener. If you have been searching for an album that’s sure to blow your speakers, then this is the new release for you.

Purchase the album here.

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