Album Review: Ho99o9 – United States Of Horror

United States Of Horror
(Toys Have Powers / 999 Deathkult)

Punk rock and hip hop have a lot in common. On the surface, it might not seem that way but when you venture through the history of both artforms you’ll discover a uncanny relationship between the two. Back in punk’s heyday in the ‘70s, the Brits were hanging out and listening to Jamaican ska and toasting which hold a distinct part on the creation of hip hop during the same time period. Los Angeles transplants via Newark, New Jersey, Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) are mastering both styles with their debut full-length United States Of Horror invading the masses ever since it came out on May 5. It’s a stellar fusion of punk and hip hop that’s unapologetically intense.

The duo of theOGM and Eaddy push all sorts of musical boundaries with their new album. Some tracks got a trap vibe, others are chock full of punk riffs and a few even venture through the industrial realm. There’s a thorough of examination of police brutality that’s been prevalent over the past few years. United States Of Horror provides a diverse listening experience with each song possessing something different. It’s innovative and experimental in brilliant ways.

A perfect example of the fusion is “Street Power”. There’s a whole lot of rapping and then when the chorus hits these emphatic guitars come in and turn everything upside down. “Bleed War” is one of the industrial tracks that’s totally entrancing. The breakdowns lean towards hip hop but the distortion and beats exhibit gargantuan volumes. The title track is a triumphant and raging anthem that punches the reality of police brutality in the face.

There has been a plethora of praise for their live performance on their current tour so it’s highly suggested that you see them. It’s also highly suggested that you grab a copy of Ho99o9’s new album too. Your mind will be blown and you’ll be impressed. You’ll also want to listen to the album over and over again.

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