Album Review: Hollow – Home Is Not Where The Heart Is

Home Is Not Where The Heart Is

Hollow are a four-piece metalcore outfit based out of St. Louis, Missouri. The quartet self-released their debut full-length album, Home Is Not Where The Heart Is, on June 9, 2017. They describe themselves as aggressive metalcore, and that is exactly what they deliver with their debut effort. Fans of metalcore bands that are heavier and have less clean vocals may want to give this album a spin.

Songs titled “The American Dream” tend to be the disillusionment with capitalism and the so-called “American Dream” of carving your own successful path in society. This song is no exception. It’s actually one of the best tracks on the album. There isn’t enough politics in the alternative music scene, so writing a song about the corruption of the American Dream and capitalism is a safe bet for any band who wants to dip their toes into politics. There is nothing revolutionary about this particular track, but it’s fun to listen to nonetheless.

Another notable track on this album is “The Wicked.” The main chorus has some catchy lyrics that will bounce around in the listener’s head hours after the song ends – “Don’t avert your eyes // Feel the weight of your cries // As you die.” Seeing them written out doesn’t do them any justice, so hearing them is the best way to fell the full weight the vocalist puts behind them. The following track, “Alpha/Omega,” is one that at times has weak lyrics, but overall offers a great listening experience. The main chorus is catchy and the overall structure of the song is quite appealing.

This album has everything a metalcore fan could ask for. Some clean vocals, gritty unclean vocals and plenty of breakdowns. The worst thing about this album is some of the cheesy, cliche lyrics/themes. Many metalcore outfits fall victim to this at one point or another. They do subvert some well-known phrases, which is a refreshing departure from bands who fully embrace lyrical idioms. The lyrics (and song title) “home is not where the heart is” is a prime example of this subversion. They can be heard in the opening track, “Coward King.”

Home Is Not Where The Heart Is is a surprisingly impressive release from a relatively young band. The album is dynamic, ambitious and executed very well. Sometimes too much ambition can be detrimental to a newer band, but they pretty much nailed it. If they are able to maintain this level of energy on future releases, as well as develop their lyrical content, they will continue to attract a larger and larger fan base.

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