Album Review: Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordinance

Singapore’s Infernal Execrator have been at it just over a decade now and, with a handful of splits, a couple EPs, a live album (recorded on a European tour) and a studio full-length under their bullet belts ‘n’ battle vests, no one can accuse the quartet of sitting on their  asses.

Now, before we proceed, let’s just admit that any black, death, or amalgamation thereof, band from Singapore will be compared to favorite bastard sons Impiety, sonic similarities aside. Shyaithan and his boys are the Sarcofago of Singapore, as Wagner Antichrist and his were the Sarcofago of Brazil.

And thus, when Obsolete Ordinance kicks off with “Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror),” filthy and slithering, glorying in ruin and blast, you can pretty much write off anything remotely nowadays for the next 35 minutes. “Incinerate Halakhah Theorem” rages heretic and frenetic, the riff at the bridge and under the solo worming its way into your ear with all the subtlety of a feral hog attack, but it’s with ‘Scions Of Irreverent Bloodshed’ that I hop on board with Obsolete Ordinance. Early (read: good) Slayer meets the rabid, unhinged assault of Vulcano, ascending/descending riff mangling tossed into a cauldron with Howitzer rhythms, the alchemy of black blood into black (metal) gold.

And what would a black/death album of this sort be without its nod to Hellhammer and the man who put the “Unh!” in metal, Tom G. Warrior? For this, Infernal Execrator presents “Quintessence Of Timeless Void,” which in its first minute of playing time elevates both the album’s score a full point and my personal desire to hear more from this bestial battalion, neck-wrecking and headbang-able and blistering all eat once. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to metal in IE’s chosen style, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Unexpectedly majestic, nearly to the point of regal in its intro, “Absolute Celestial Condemnation” quickly plunges hell-ward, and here must be made special mention of the ridiculously powerful drumming of Christslaughter, who hasn’t cheated on a blastbeat throughout the whole of the album, yet remains potent and hammering as ever, even now at the end. For fans of the blackened, the death, and the foul, Obsolete Ordinance isn’t so much offered as it is thrust upon your failing ears. Crank up and go deaf!

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