Album Review: Lakeshore – 41

(Outerloop Records)

Lakeshore is a recently formed five-piece rock group which includes two former founding members of Emmure. Despite their (Ben and Joe Lionetti) history with the metalcore juggernaut, Lakeshore is a steep departure from that sound. So for anyone who is not a fan of that band need not worry about their sounds being similar. 41 consists of almost entirely clean vocals, and doesn’t have the huge breakdowns commonly associated with Emmure. There are some songs that suggest the band could offer a heavier sound, but at least for now, that is not the case.

41 begins with “Heart (To The Fans).” The song is one of the best on the EP, and opens with measured drums, chugging guitars and harmonized vocals. This is one of the tracks that indicates the band is capable of, and possibly willing to, craft some heavier tracks on future releases. “Kings” is the best song on the EP, and for more than one reason. For starters, it’s just a solid track with inspiring lyrics and wonderful instruments. The song is also dedicated to the late Mitch Luker, who was the lead singer of Suicide Silence until a tragic motorcycle accident took his life in the fall of 2012. His death sent shockwaves through the alternative music community and he is clearly still fondly remembered by fans everywhere.

There are no major complaints for any one song. They’re well put together, and most importantly, are enjoyable to listen to. The main issue with the EP is the muted vocals in every track. The lead singer has a great voice, and it’s a shame that it sounds like it’s not fully utilized on this EP. The instruments are awesome, but it feels like the vocals should be the star of the show. It would be great to see songs mixed a little bit differently in the future that highlight the talented vocalist.

This EP is a strong release from the burgeoning band. Hopefully they can resolve the issue with the quiet vocals on future releases. The lead singer has a killer voice and it would be a shame if fans don’t get to hear it at its full potential. Despite that concern, the EP has a great message that should resonate with many fans. With their recent partnership with Outerloop Group/Records, we will likely be hearing even more music from them over the next few years.

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