Album Review: Like Pacific – In Spite of Me

That band that blew us away with Distant Like You Asked two years ago have finally made their return, and the sophomore effort – titled In Spite of Me – does not disappoint. Granted, it is basically the exact same vein as their debut (in the sense that everything feels very familiar, and can easily be shuffled within the tracks of Distant…), but that’s also part of its success.

Like Pacific fucking nailed it the last time around, so why would they look to change up the sound? Sure, maybe on their third or fourth release they should try experimenting some…but for a second album, this strikes me as acceptable, especially considering the product. In Spite of Me is an immediate hit, with tracks like “Had It Coming”, “The Spring”, and “Admittance” batting home runs with ease.

Fueled by energetic vocals and gritty, honest lyrics, Like Pacific bring to mind the glory days of Polar Bear Club; everything is fine-tuned, yet coarse. Memorable, striking, uplifting, and (most importantly) fun, In Spite of Me is another highly recommended release from a band you really should have on repeat if you don’t already.

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