Album Review: LOVEBITES – Social Hell

Full disclosure, I was under the assumption that this LOVEBITES was actually the Japanese metal act of the same name, who had just released an electrifying album last year. However, this incarnation of LOVEBITES is a far different animal, one that is more suited to poppy indie rock and would probably find itself on several of your favorite television shows or maybe even a couple of commercials.

That’s a good thing for any band, especially one that has a distinct style and formula that could translate into fame and fortune for them. “Tick Along” begins with what some might consider a sort of sappy node, though it has a real sense of energy and passion laden within that helps it to stand out. “Duppy” has a bit of a pop-punk vibe, but also seems to take from dreamy shoegaze in a few areas. “Just Fall” follows with a rather romantic notion, but there’s also quite a bit of energy to be had here.

Though the strangest song on the disc is it’s closer and title track, which, although it contains possibly one of the sappiest riff-lines I’ve ever heard in my life, doesn’t contain equally sappy lyrics, making for what I’d consider to be rather good satire. I’m telling you, that lead reminds me of hippies holding hands underneath a rainbow, though that doesn’t seem to be quite what the song itself is suggesting. But I’m curious as to whether the lyrics refer to social hell as in social media hell and how much better the world might be if we leave that kind of connected world. It would certainly be better for mental health.

In any case, I found no issue with the disc and think it’s a pretty good spin for fans of the genre. Social Hell is quite melodic, ultimately passionate, and even a bit dreamy at times, making for a listen that seems like a good first step for this quartet. They’re definitely going in the right direction, as the record seems full of diverse content and doesn’t wane easily. Perhaps this wasn’t the Lovebites I expected, but they’re still worth a listen.

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