Album Review: The Major Minor – Different Light

The Major Minor
Different Light
(Imminence Records)

Welcome back to the early 2000s when Drive-Thru Records ruled with bands like New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Halifax, Midtown, and more. The Major Minor would have fit in perfectly at the time, as their sound blends the kind of punk and alternative rock that made those bands so famously memorable. As a result, each track of Different Light is nostalgic despite being new. Playing The Major Minor with the windows down during a summer drive…it’s so good. Each track stands on its own, and is unique in its own way. Though the band mirrors so many others – like Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, and the Track Record – their debut never feels generic. Familiar, sure, but in a very good way. Different Light shows us a band with range, top notch influences, and fantastic bones; the Major Minor have a lot to give fans of alternative punk rock, especially those who felt most at home during the early millennium.

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