Album Review: Memphis May Fire – Broken

The recent trend seems to be for old favorites to release new records, and Memphis May Fire just did exactly that, releasing Broken, the group’s sixth studio album.

The record feels like a natural continuation of the band’s work with a bit more focus on crafting songs and paying attention to detail than being fast and heavy. On the first song, “The Old Me,” MMF take on the topic of depression and anxiety. They utilize old-school, hardcore, and emo vocal patterns and breakdowns, but manage to keep things sounding updated and relevant.

This trend continues throughout the record. Most of the tracks are a little slower-paced and relaxed, but they all have really hard-hitting lyrics and still manage to capture the vibe of MMF. “Heavy is the Weight” is definitely the standout track on the record. It is slow, deliberate, and even incorporates a rap verse, which sounds cheesy, but is actually done really well.

All in all, while this record may not be as  big a favorite as some of the classics for die-hard fans, it is definitely a continuation of what the band does best: play loud, heavy, and catchy music.

Purchase the album here. 

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