Album Review: Nopes – Fun Limbo

Fun Limbo
(Magnetic Eye)

These noisy garage punk weirdos from Oakland, follow up their critically acclaimed Never Heard Of It album from last year, with a blistering 7″ EP, that just bristles with nervous energy and wild abandon. They haven’t lost any of their edge, meaning this is just as reckless and out of control as their last release. This time, it comes in a smaller dose.

“Steady” and “Stirring” open up the album with shots of short, spazzy, garage punk. They slow down and stretch out a bit on “Midnight Parking Lot”, filling it’s longer run time with blast of jagged riffs and shredding. “Shedding” is another fast number, while “Contemporary Listening” ends the EP, on a deliberate, lurching and fuzzed out note.

Fans of the scuzzier and weirder side of punk rock will find much to like on this 7″. Hell, fans of just wild rock n roll, should dig in, too. This all means, that you’ll definitely want to add this to your collection. And make sure you catch them live, when they come through your burg. It’s a guaranteed scorcher.

Purchase the album here.

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