Album Review: The Order Of Elijah – Pathos. Logos. Ethos.

The new album from The Order Of Elijah – called Pathos. Logos. Ethos. – is a wild ride in all of the best ways. It’s brutal and angry, but through the intense “progressive metalcore,” the band incorporates a feeling of focus. This feeling is incorporated into the record through one of the ways that the album itself sticks out as unique – the socio-political content.

The album covers a range of related issues without being partisan. Rather, it’s a portrait of someone’s perspective on the world who has been down in the trenches, so to speak, and not up in the ivory towers. It’s a striking break from the thematic content that you often, although not always find on “deathcore” records, and the band including that helps the album to hit even closer to home for potential listeners than it might if it was relying solely on the brutality of the music. The anger on the record is focused on broad, real world issues, which helps it pack more of a punch. In addition, it feels like a major plus on the album that the band is blunt when dealing with these issues on the record; they do not at all beat around the bush. They’re fully “in your face.”

Pathos. Logos. Ethos. sticks out in other ways, too. The vocals on the record are at times brisk and almost rap-esque, but it’s not overdone and the record is the farthest thing from just “rap metal.” There are brief, occasional spurts of straight up clean vocals too, contrasting abruptly with the brutalizing screams on the rest of the record.

Accompanying those harsh and yet at times strikingly accessible screamed vocals, the body of the band provides a thick, resoundingly heavy musical backdrop for the record. The thematic content and overall presentation of the new record fit quite well with the musical content, and neither the thematic content nor the musical side to the record feel forced. Each side works together well and shares a feeling of intense urgency, lending to the creation of a record that feels like a brisk listen but is at the same time quite memorable.

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