Album Review: Pond – The Weather

Australian neo-psych collective Pond will always be linked to their fellow countrymen Tame Impala, both because of similar sonic sensibilities and due to sharing numerous members over the course of both group’s careers. So it’s no huge shock that, after Tame Impala successfully ditched guitars for a more synth-based psychedelic foundation, Pond might shift their sound accordingly. While The Weather is the group’s most easily accessible record to date (and seventh overall), Pond’s latest finds them embracing the weird and the wonderful in nearly equal measure. This is a record that’s much more modern-sounding, in part due to its embrace of the 60s, 70s, and 80s into a sound that is as diverse as it is bombastic.

In its most psychedelic moments, like the schizophrenic “A/B”, Pond recalls the early days of The Mars Volta, but that is quite nicely contrasted with the acid-trip synthpop of “Colder Than Ice” and the glitzy pop sheen of “Sweep Me Off My Feet”. It’s consistently more flamboyant than Tame Impala’s more moody style, and no matter how melodic and hip-shaking these songs get, there’s always a psych freak-out or LSD-laced space trip around the corner. It’s an uneven record not so much in quality as it is in tone, which reflects the political climate that the band wanted to tackle with this record. It may not be a bright and cheery time for all, but we need our outlets, and Pond is happy to take care of that for us. With this record, it seems like Pond is ready to escape out of the shadow of their closely-associated family in Tame Impala, and The Weather certainly stands on its on merits as a high quality kaleidoscope of gleeful musical bombast.

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