Album Review: Poster Children – Grand Bargain!

Though they might be an unfamiliar name to the younger crowd, Poster Children were a touring machine in the early ’90s, saw some minor success on MTV (“If You See Kay”), and helped cultivate the college rock scene as a verifiable force of non-mainstream music. After a 14 year hiatus, the band return with a political album that tips it hat to their early sound and was even engineered by Steve Albini.

Recorded with a live feel, it’s a loud installment of crunchy, multi-faceted post-punk, where all the power of their legacy is present, and the subject matter bluntly voices disdain for today’s status quo. While there’s a couple of quiet moments to be found, the bulk here is angular, ebullient, riff heavy rock that’s charged, driving and tense, where strong guitar work and a fiery rhythm section make this a triumphant return. If you weren’t a fan before, prepare to be now.

Purchase the album here.

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