Album Review: Power – Electric Glitter Boogie

Electric Glitter Boogie
(In The Red)

Australia has a fine tradition of unleashing awesome punk rock combos on the world. Power is another such band, and their debut album, Electric Glitter Boogie, which is being re-released by the fine folks at In The Red, proves that they are worthy of your attention.

This trio plays grimy, down and dirty punkish rock, that would basically be in the cross section of the Venn diagram between punk, hard rock and garage rock. It’s a primal bashing. The guitar is rightly covered in muck, while the bass and drums lay down one tight and locked in groove.

The title track which opens the album is a shot of high energy mid-paced troglodyte stomp. “Serpent City” goes further down the path laid down by the opener. Not content to just rock you with a dose of high energy boogie, they throw in a couple of fast ones, “Puppy”, “Gimme Head”, and “Rainbow Man”, none of which go that much beyond the two minute mark, just to keep you honest. “Slimy’s Chains” starts outs mid-paced and the accelerates for its finish. The closing track, “Power” is a seven minute thrill ride of crunchy riffs, primal solos and pummeling grooves that will hit you right in your sweet spot.

Electric Glitter Boogie is one nasty shot of rock n roll. Just give into your base instincts and enjoy.

Purchase the album here.

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