Album Review: Rainbowlicker – ‘I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off’

I Saw the Light, But Turned It Off
(Svart Records)

Rainbowlicker are an interesting mix of industrial dance and death metal, or whatever genre extreme fused dance has evolved to now. Svart Records is selling it as laserpunk, which is like an explosive blast of riot grrl gone rave on a dance floor with spinning blades instead of disco lights.

Despite having an enigma and reputation for successfully touring basements and questionable venues across Europe without an album, Svart Records have persuaded the twosome behind Rainbowlicker into doing the least punk rock thing of all; recording an album to net some commercial success. The result is I Saw the Light, But Turned It Off, and a fine result it is.

I Saw the Light, But Turned It Off has the raw face grinding sound of the genuine Scandinavian metal and punk scene, but its pumped up with a fun and bizarre club twist. While its style is not the type of thing I go to but once in a blue moon, I can easily see how other die hard metalheads could see the light and turn it on when it comes to this combo of Creepy Crawlie and Beast Milk gone punk rock dance rogue… or laserpunk, whatever we’re calling it.

Purchase the album here.

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