Album Review: Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd – ‘Hyperakusi’

Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd
(WOOAAARGH / Downfall)

Not only is Hyperakusi the Swedish word for “hypersensitivity to everyday sounds”, it also happens to be the killer split record from Swedish grind bands Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd. All together this is one mind splitting and relentless attack from two extreme bands. With sixteen tracks overall (Resonance Cascade taking just a little more than half the work), Hyperakusi is a d-beat frenzy with hectic grindcore.

The record starts with the Resonance Cascade material, going off without any hesitation. This is pure grind that just goes off without any apologies, and shows no signs of taking it easy. Tracks like “Trust Me I Am a Liar” throw in light melodic elements that lie underneath the crushing and pummeling drive. For the most part the band sticks to a basic formula of keeping it goddamn heavy. “Bricks” and “Burned to the Ground” are just a couple examples of the absolute annihilation that Resonance Cascade is made up of. The constant shredding and d-beat blasts keep a never-ending adrenaline rush that is sure to raise blood pressure in the best of ways.

Järnbörd takes their grind to interesting places; while some songs keep structure simple, the band includes material that feels more developed beyond Resonance Cascade. The band divides their quality between easing up on the grind elements by making things a little more punk. “Kvarnstenen” is a solid example of the crushing drum beat that leads a simple (yet strong) guitar rhythm. These same ideas take place in songs such as “Vänj Dig Vid Mörket” and Små Sår Och Fattiga Vänner”. And while the band also dives into those heavier grind elements, they also play around with slower and experimental sounds (such as in songs like “Lets Die”). When it comes to “Lets Die”, there is more of an emphasis on atmosphere, coming from steady and ponding beats, all backed by sonic waves in the forefront. Other than the differences in instrumentals between the two bands, the other giant difference comes from the vocals. While Järnbörd takes the path of screams that follow the lines of traditional punk, Resonance Cascade is more balls to the wall death metal and grind growls.

Overall, Hyperakusi is an intense time. The split between these two bands accommodate one another; while one side keeps sound at a constant high, the other provides some cool shifts and experimentation. Without a doubt, Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd have created one hell of a split that will please all that love heavy music.

Purchase the album here: WOOAAARGH | Downfall

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