Album Review: Revel In Flesh – Relics Of The Deathkult

I really dug their last record, Emissary of Plagues. I found it heavy, groovy, and really accessible as a death metal record. It laid down foundations of heaviness I hadn’t heard in a long time, and Revel has been a favorite of mine ever since. Relics Of The Deathkult, their new release, continues that proud tradition except… it isn’t a new record!

No sir, Relics Of The Deathkult is a killer collection of music from these German death merchants that includes rare tracks originally released only on 7″ EP format or as vinyl bonus tracks between 2012 to 2017. Most of the featured songs on this record were written in between the recording of their regular full-length albums and trust me when I tell you this, the tracks reflect the evolution of Revel in Flesh from their primal beginnings to the level of mastery they’re at now.

Remember I mentioned Emissary of Plagues? That’s Revel in top form, untouchable, heavier than Earth off its axis. The music presented on this record is a snapshot of what brought them to the level of mastery they played at with Emissary

What I really like about this record is the fact that what you hear is what you get, that is, the songs actually retain their original sound, no remaster, no touch ups. And helming this killer record is none other than Dan Swanö himself. That heaviness, that unbridled, death metal brutality is all Revel while the great production is Swano.

Also included in this compilation record are three cover songs – “Pay to Die” by Master, “Mutilation” by Death and “Deny the Light” by Headhunter D.C. Good choice of songs to pay tribute to. Revel rips into “Mutilation” with a ferocity that’ll tear an arm off for sure. Super-fast and even more brutal. Same goes for the Headhunter D.C. tune. The choice of these songs really shows where the roots of Revel lie, which is cool for a fan like myself that wonders where the inspiration for a record like Emissary of Plagues may have been born from.

Without a doubt Relics Of The Deathkult is a killer, must have record for not just Revel fans, but death metalheads as well. Fast, brutal, aggressive and just tight as hell. There’s nothing about this record I don’t like and usually I shy away from a disc of either rare tracks, B sides, or live tunes. Doesn’t appeal to me. This does. Whets your appetite for a new record, which I hope the boys are writing. But in the meantime, this one will do.

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