Album Review: Rig Time! – War

Rig Time!
(Innerstrength Records)

The big difference from their prior output, last year’s full-length, Sick of It and two EP’s, Awful and Devout, is low end. Whether they tuned (even) lower or just amped up the post production. The other material had the spirit, but War is delivered with bombastic terror. Rig Time’s sound on War is ugly, writhing in fetid disdain. Coming from La Crosse, WI, I am sure the scene is scant and pushing them to be heard. War will create waves towards both coasts, especially now as they debut on Innerstrength Records.

One interesting aspect of Rig Time! is the relationship of the members. The fluid communication of husband/wife Bryan W. and Rebecca Fleming (vocals/drums and guitar, respectively) drives the music, rounded out by Mark Trueman (bass/vocals). Again, calling out the production and of course the mastering, it is no surprise to find the sonic genius of Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. But first, War had the fortune to be recorded/mixed by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL (Weekend Nachos, Harms Way, Like Rats). The album was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR. Whatever approach Grossman took, it was the correct channel. Songs are written drenched in vitriol and tension. The explosive breakdowns pay off. But songs that linger are ooze hit the mark as well.

Rig Time! nail it with tracks like “Garbage”, “Succumb”, “Blister” and “Cleanse”. Puncturing their blend of sludge and hardcore – with a tight embrace on powerviolence – the band kicks fast and dirgy tones, manifesting unbridled hatred. War is dripping with rage, vocals are strained and emphatic. The rhythmic pummeling of a more atmospheric “Discomposure” or “Deserve” show a propensity to manipulate mood and not just the strings of an instrument. The trio push many two-step parts spurring ill breakdowns with a groove. Noisy tones and ugly sentiment. While, going back to “Succumb”, Rig Time! have blastbeats charge with that double bass hammering away to the howls of “We bow to no one!”.

RIYL: Xibalba, Harms Way, Weekend Nachos, Balaclava, Lowered AD, Eyes of the Lord

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