Album Review: The Sarcophagus – Beyond This World’s Illusion

The Sarcophagus 
Beyond This World’s Illusion
(Satanath Records)

As far as a melodic raw black metal album goes, Beyond This World’s Illusion was pretty decent. On a scale of quality it ranges from good to fairly average, and it is probably worth checking out for dedicated listeners of the genre.

What I did like about the album is that it captured the darker energies quite well. From the get go, The Sarcophagus are able to deliver with a pummeling assault. The intro “Reign of Chaos” is a whirlwind of haunting riffs with some very interesting melodies.

Although the recording creates nothing soul crushing, the band are clearly capable of consuming the listener with a tempest of noise. The songwriting isn’t extraordinary, but it’s definitely good. “Ain Sof” has a fantastic breakdown and mighty riffs that are worthy of hails. The song shows the band’s ability to get cryptic as hell and then lifts off into a face fucking drum barrage.

What I did not like about the album is that overall this just feels like another generic black metal album. With exceptions to a few high points, nothing really grabbed my attention for long. If this came out 15 years ago, then it may have been a really cutting edge record, but instead it just kind of sits in the depths of 1000 bands that sound just like this.

With that being said, if you’re an enthusiast of black metal and want to hunt down as many authentic black metal bands as you can find, then this Turkish unit is definitely respectable enough to check out and maybe add to your kvlt collection.

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