Album Review: Scarboro – ‘Here Comes The Hangover’

Here Comes The Hangover
(WTF Records)

Brooklyn three-piece Scarboro is back with a brand new offering of fourteen hardcore punk tracks. Their full length debut Here Comes The Hangover follows on the heels 2014’s four-song EP, The Safeword Is “Yes” and it is an album not so concerned with capital “P”.

Instead, these guys vent more about scene politics, debauchery and douche bags, drinking all-night and vomiting, and sorting out who fucked whom. As grim and juvenile as that subject might sound, it comes across as at least a little refreshing that someone, in this case axe wielding vocalist Shi Heng Shi, can ponder the virtues of malt liquor and black lipstick in the era of autocratic rule and alt-facts. My place isn’t to tell these earnest drinkers that some pencil necked poser puking on their oxblood Doc Martins isn’t song worthy. In fact, in my evolving theory of art and commerce in the Donald Trump is that these types of songs will, before too long, be welcome respite.

The New York punk scene has been a hot bed of pissed off creativity since the movement began in the late 1970s. While Here Comes The Hangover harkens back to those classic days of Bowery life and characters, it falls short of placing the band into that pantheon. The record is decent, but it is woefully inconsistent. The most memorable tracks, “One Heart One Mind” and “Downward Spiral” to name a couple, actually feel more LA punk influenced, like early Rancid records really had a bigger influence. The best songs are those exhibiting more developed, fleshed out ideas, like “Archangels” and “Panic At The Cisco” but too often the band spews volume instead of quality.

Here Comes The Hangover won’t come off as drab to the true hardcore fan. It’s vibrant, pissed off and undeniably loud but it’s not going to re-write the rules.

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