Album Review: Skeletal Remains – Devouring Mortality

Like a lot of metal subgenres, death metal has been ripped and cut into a million different pieces, pitting slam against blacked death metal, death grind against throwback-style bands. The awesome thing about Skeletal Remains is that they satisfy a thirst for all those who love the fast and the heavy.

Formed in Southern California, the third studio album from the group, Devouring Mortality, is a non-stop trash fest, with plenty of stand out, ripping moments. It takes the sounds of the group’s previous two records and refines it, but never strays too far from the classic-yet-pulverizing sound the band is going for.

The title track is, not surprisingly, one of the stronger songs from the record, perfectly balancing thrashing riffs and blast beats with good songwriting. “Mortal Decimation” slows things down a bit and borrows a little from the sludgy roots of early death metal in the best way possible, and “Internal Detestation” is a personal favorite and one of the stronger songs on the record in terms of groove and memorability.

If you’re looking for something that smashes the mold and reinvents death metal, this isnt’ the record for you. The band doesn’t really break a ton of new ground in terms of unimagined or untapped sound, and there is something predictable about the time signature changes and riff structures, just like a lot of death metal. But if you want something that sticks to the basics of the genre and does it really well, then this is not to be missed.

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