Album Review: The Drums – Brutalism

The Drums latest record, Brutalism, released through Anti Records, is an outstanding followup to their body of work. Previously an indie rock/surf rock band, the beachy tunes have turned to a synth-laden odyssey of self-realization. Infectious and fascinating, this record brings the best of The Drums.

The album begins with the track “Pretty Cloud,” which is a steady, pseudo-eight-bit track, with a danceable beat. The rhythm feels like an 80s euro club track; with its familiarity, it leads the listener in deeper. The album takes a turn for the playful on “626 Bedford Avenue” a perfect track for a car ride, splicing in audio and animated bubbles that give the track a distinctly whimsical feel.

The overall theme of this record what is most striking; the album focuses on mortality, facing your flaws, and what it means to address both. The lyrical content works well with each song, delivered with a Morrissey-inspired moodiness. The vocals shine as the crown jewel of the record. The intimacy of this album proves how The Drums have more to them than slink surf rock and indie hits. While retaining their roots, The Drums have taken their sound to new heights, showing us their full range of talents.

Overall, this record is impressive with its mesmerizing arrangements and emotionally challenging lyrics. The Drums have outdone themselves with this piece, and the future looks bright for these indie rockers.

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